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Welcome to Roan Studio

The place was created by masters for masters . 

ROAN Studio is a three-room apartment specially redesigned for maximum comfort, safety, and the realization of visitors' fantasies. One room is soundproofed, another has a large bed and hooks, and there's a bamboo-themed room, a cozy kitchen, cages, and even a basement for the most adventurous.

The studio is available for hourly and daily rental, suitable for couples and small groups, as well as for workshops, photoshoots, and themed events.

Furthermore, the studio regularly hosts parties, workshops, and other events. Stay tuned for our schedule.

Our services include:

  • Studio rental.

  • Organization of workshops.

  • Photoshoots.

  • Filming for movies, TV series, and shows.

  • Individual consultations on BDSM.

  • Session script development.

  • Costume and prop rental.

  • Creation of original BDSM-themed sketches for tattoos, clothing, and more.

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